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tv   [untitled]    October 14, 2012 2:30am-3:00am PDT

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father and husband, to ever beuh negligent of his duties as a husband, a provider, and a loving father. so please take? account. if you're going to take him as an example, then do the same wi-)xferybody else. thank you. >> president chiu: thank youcé1. next speaker. hw.,mz patrick.on, supervisors. i trust that you got my letter that i sent#ç$1v you yesterday. the ethics commission did not find thatiyvñ mr. mirkarimi committed any misconduct while he was actually%#ap sheriff. the legal analysis that iiú4ú forwarded to you indicates one may fairly question whether the relationship test4q;z ms. keyser went into, adequately apprised is prohibited under
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san francisco's][e&- official misconduct law. at least if the official has limited experience playing the six degrees of kevin bacon does the mayor say any and all misconduct will result in someone being put on probation, even purely personal conduct totally unrelated to the performance of any of the official's actual duties? if so are ethics commissioners studley and han saying anything different from what commissioner rene said. is their new relationship requirements so diluted that it amounts to no requirements at all, exactly what mr. rene suggested. and if that is correct, does it not follow that all four commissioners are interpreting
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san francisco's official misconduct statute in a way that leaves it completely unconstitutionally vague. by making up rules of misconduct proceedings against ross as they went along, the ethics commission appears to have vield the city charter themselves by chersing an authority not;%.f-3 granted by the charter. they do not have my authority to take away my vote. reinstate -state wúw wj4(p&c"p% >> president chiu: thank you very much. next speaker. >> thank you. my name is author murillo. good afternoon, mr. president and honorable members of the board of supervisors. what i would like to do is offer a lens through which to view this situation. you've heard from many citizens that there's been unequal why is that? is this political?
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perhaps )]'s another reason. as someone who studied they have on people of color, and how they'ref9s0w viewed, it that there's a relationship betweentjfxx stereotypes, preju, and discrimination. stereotypes is the firste;fáw s. so we have a gentleman here that is being perceived asvhfvg very violent, when in fact he is not. but yet the4#3( stereotype pers. he's also male. we have a fire chief yet she's a woman and she was not a person of color, so we view3"q+ her behavior differen. if we go forward with that, then dás6! we go with having these opinions differently about the people whichz-mfwe've seen here, opinions differe towards
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wife. we go forward to discrimination now, which is what we're -- it's discrimination, a act to deprive a citizen+7x-ñ from public servs or benefits. we have an elected official tha the mayor has effectively shownñ discrimination against, and he wants you, as the board, tottrax follow that, and to remove him from office and deny him theók rights. attorneys -- >> [timer sounding.] >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. again, ladies and gentlemen, i needácq0v to remind everyone ofe board rule in our chamber against statements of opposition or-4-h@ñ applause for speakers. thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon,6ftár"ent chiu and supervisors. my name is rudy.
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san francisco, a resident, and also i'm a registered voter. there's one thing that's called integrity, to do the right thing, when nobody is watching. i want to demonstrate though, through his actions, that ross mirkarimi, with my own eyes, i seen him come through to neighborhoods, where people would not dare to come at night, when people got killed. he was there, because he cared. his integrity and his heart was there. now -- to say this is that once upon a time, he sat at the same table that you guys sat at, and now he has made a mistake. and it seems like the city has for got about him. after all the work that he's the community, it seems like there's a lack of understanding when it comes to justice that he has fought for, for many many years, for the people.
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i don't think nobody should make a decision, not the mayor, nor should be the ethics commission, not even you guys should decide whether he should be sheriff or pnñyz i believe that decision goes to the people. the people are the ones who should always decide who should be in what position. and i understand there's some xq' for this to hapn your hands. i just hope that we don't havec@ to prolong the decision for ross to become the sheriff that he's supposed to be. and7khu you don't wait until afr election day to make a decision, that it's determined andld said now. and i just want to say in his actions how much he loves san francisco. and i'm sure the$bañ people -- without making no noise, raise your hand and show if you he has([( love that ross has loe
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and the people --ry.ñ san franc, the city of san francisco -- >> president chiu: thank you very much. thank you verya,ú much. thank you very much.kk8(p&c @g to the crowd. we have this thing called the7vt silent hand wave which we've used in other debates. if folks want to express support i will suggest that as an approach. thank you. next÷"mv speaker. next speaker. >> good afternoon, president chiu and board of supervisors. my nameyyua is rosario cervants from district 11. i just want to sayv #v this jouy has been long and tried and we have a good hard-working man fighting for his joby.6r as sh. we have interest introops such as domestic violence to womenzqñ who have from the beginning vied to oust him out from this position÷], bruise they were working closely
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with theúe=6ñ sheriff. we unmank the mayor for his we unmank the mayor for his perjury onñ) elanea never asked to be separated from him. he didn't appreciate the the analogy from8fú÷ñ jeri kaiser we she made ap.0m analogies or refd michael vic. i thought that was inappropriate. where the city attorney and the mayor's office,= with ross. will. thank you. reinstateé+b ross. >> president chiu: thank you very much. thank you for the silence. next speaiç[dáskg4(p&c"p%>> hi. my dear honorable supervisors, thank you for representing me. i'm going to paraphrase the bible a tiny bit. as jesus said, if you are free of sin, free of being human and making mistakes, then throw the first stone. otherwise reinstate the sheriff because you believe in
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rehabilitation, compassion, and redemption. i pray none of you are subjected to this type of process. i thought we were forgiving san francisco society. are our morass of our city so inflexible, insensitive, unfair, predatory,ç>/]k judgmental, and unforgiving that we are always guilty? michael vic is still attacked here by a representative of the mayor even though he paid his debt to society? if a mistake is made, do we0s(t? have we resorted to people who .z a mistake to wear a scarlet do we continue to condemn president nix/tí nixon and mayor newsom. i have faith in you that you will do the right thing. please reinstate the?%soñ sheri. bless you. >> president chiu: thank you. next speakersñ.
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>> hi. my name is nancy, i'm from the mission. iphone. somebody called ross a jewel. ross is a jewel. i mean he's been in ourgu%á livn san francisco, i know -- i've been here almost 10 years. okay. he's a38"@ç leader. he's a leader in the community. okay. and i think thath9[b÷ the mayors abused his power. this was not a violent act. i mean where is the proportionn here? where is the proportion? gentlest men i know, and i don't know him that well. but anyway, iyh!yj think we shod reinstate him. supervisors really nicely said our sheriff. well that's what he is. don't take -- i mean we have a
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that worked for ross to get him in. and i would suggest to you all not toa'l turn that upside down. okay. we're the people, and we deserve, you know,x> president chiu: thank you. >> i'd like to thank the board of supervisors for allowing us to speak today,ujs-n2ñ and giver opinion. i have known ross for over 17 years, have worked with him in our district 5, with the vis dareo business community. he's the reason we have the trees and the -- down the vis daro right now. he's worked with us, has been up nights, working out plans to help us have a better community. the things that i'm seeing right now is just unbelievable, you know, how we can take a person and just strip them down.
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i think it's very unfair. i don't even hold the mayor accountable right now because i think somebody's pulling his chain because at first he said he wasn't going to do anything to ross, he was going to let ross make his own decisions. so i think we are right now at a point where a lot of people are being pressured by special interest, and i think it's now that we all take a stand and say this has to end. we need to stand up for what we believe as citizens, and we need to back people that we believe back us. and i'm for ross. you need to reinstate him. i don't even believe he should even be here and you should be voting on this. this is not something for the supervisors to vote on. we put him in office. if we want him out we'll take him out. that's our choice. so reinstate him and allow us to do our jobs as citizens. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, everybody. my name's peter, i'm with the).o
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lower haight street merchants association. everybody's talking about ross' past. i want to talk
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four years. i know this is a important time in historyzi: guys. so take into consideration not just his past, but
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our tax dollarsg"gm are being misappropriated in order to it's wrong the vote of the supervisors commission has been hastened to take place prior to the november elections? imposing unnecessary pressure and potential bias in the decision? i believe there has been an abuse of power. i believe there should be justice. you want us to go out and vote. then bring back our sheriff. he stood for us, and we should stand with ross. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, president chiu, honorable members of the board of supervisors, all of which are paying attention except for one that's playing with her ipad. my name is pedro fernández, a
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former san francisco policeman, seen lots of domestic violence in this my time, been a victim of domestic violence. if bruised from being grabbed a couple of myáj÷girlfriends would be released on probation. you guys are building the gallows. you have the hammers, you have the nail and the wood. it's on you. you are the pontius pilot of this scenariodu and mayor ed le has put you in an untenable position i wasn't want toaéypo , and i look around, i know there are a few of you running for spot to be in. but you have to measure the the crime against tw penalty. he was taken away from his family for seven months. seven months. publicly and privately, he's been villainized, and;í;>ñ cano.
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i can go on but the bottom line is this man has been dogged from day one. he has not been given his just due. a grab of the arm is wrong. he's apologized for that and paid a penalty for that and the bottom line is at the end of the day we elected him. he scored 20,000 more votes than the sitting mayor. before i close i want to say one more thing. nobody bothered in this panel, anybody in this room has spoken to elanea lopez. shame on you. >> president chiu: next speaker. >> good afternoon, mr. president and board of supervisors. i'm in here, there are so many people inside here and outside, they're all supporting ross, from different backgrounds and different ethnicities based -- i've never seen that. myself, i have never seen that. and he did a lot for this city and that's why people elected him as the sheriff.
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and people elected him, not any other thing. and this is democracy. i love this city because in here, people don't look at each other with prejudice. and they don't label each other. they don't play political games. they don't look at each other with that. so show us that you are the true representative of these people san franciscans and reinstate ross. >> president chiu: next speaker. >> president chiu, and supervisors. i'd like that wave. that was very, very original. i'm terry anders of anders and anders foundation. and i'm here speaking in support of ross. i was sitting around these tables when ross created the reentry council. i was sitting around these tables when ross spoke up for
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labor. i was sitting around these tables when ross spoke up for the individuals in these marginalized neighborhoods. i'm part ofvmm;ñ bayview, i'm pf the fillmore because these are people that i work with, the ones in and out of prison, the ones in and out of the rehabs, the ones trying to get into these unions, the ones that need access where they can turn their life around, he has been instrumental in being part of that. and i'm glad that i have been part of that process with him. as you look around and hear everybody speak, they're not just talking. their wheels are not just rolling. heart. and it's a process. i mean i'm glad that the process has finally come to a end. it's been sickening and disheartening to actually believe that city officials
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would allow another person to be dehumanized as this man and his family has been. it reallywgx but i'm glad that i'm here today going to stand up for him and i'm going to stand up for your right to make theañç right decision to reinstate our sheriff. >> president chiu: thank you. next(!>x speaker. >> good afternoon, president chiu and supervisors. my%lúmu name is mindy kenner wih anders and anders. we are a community5v based organization out of the bayview, and>ñ visitacion valley. ross mirkarimi is a good and decent family man who has dedicated himself to serve the citizens of san francisco. he serves the people who can't speak out for themselves. he's a champion of reentry. he has a great understanding of the issues before us for
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realignment, and those coming out of jails, and prett prisons. we elected ross to do his job as sheriff. as a woman, he do not see how this interferes with his duties and responsibilities as sheriff. today, we really need to ask ourselves, if we want to continue to foster a cult ofuref taking our vote away in this city, why was no action taken for joanne hayes-white who hit her husband with a vase and then refused to pay child support to her young son. how can a million plus dollars be spent on this insanity when i work with kids who are on the corner, we have no funds for training and putting them into union positions? i think that you really need to
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ask yourself why mayor lee has come and taken our vote away. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> president chiu and supervisors, my name is paul, and i served for eight years on the san francisco ethics commission. and including a year as president and as vice chair. and i served the first eight years that the current charter was in effect, starting in 1996. there hasn't been -- the law has not changed one iota since i served on the commission. and during those years, we heard many cases of alleged official misconduct. but the reason you haven't heard about most of them is because we were instructed as follows, by both city attorney louise rene and herrera which is opposed to what the city attorney is claiming was the law in this
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case. we were instructed, unless the commission has found probable cause to believe that a provision of the charter or city ordinances relating to campaign finance, lobbying, conflicts of interest, or governmental ethics has been violated, the regulations are clear thati.z further action may be taken by the commission. he goes on to state, the charter does not2xi?y authorize the commission to impose any type of public censure upon individuals who have not committed a violation within the jurisdiction of the ethics commission. the ethics commission only has jurisdiction over thegg6.ñ local campaign and governmental conduct code. it does not have jurisdiction political reform act and definitely includingu#93h the domestic violence laws and misdemeanor false:kñ imprisonme. and we did in fact consider a case that involved a high-ranking official of the
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sheriff's department that was the legal counsel for the sheriff'sá8k4áp)tment, who had responded to a sunshine request sending him a letter signed nursex%7 ratchet. mocking him basedwlx on -- >> president chiu: thank you very much. thank you veryos much. next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is sanford forte, a resident in mr. mar district. i don't know mr. mirkarimi or anyone in his family or inner circle nor did i vote for him. this is my second appearance before this body. the sheer transparency of manipulation by the people's representatives in this case in which should have always remained a family private matter is shameful and beyond the every day shenanigans that occur within the halls of political battle. this manipulation orchestrated by san francisco mayor and
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district attorney, otherwise good men, has invented a victim to accomplish political ends and in fact has caused that victim further victimization and further victimized her entire family at taxpayer expense. mr. mirkarimi and his wife had a domestic disagreement, an accidental bruise resulted. the da's invented victim has tried to make this personal fact abund absently clear but nobody wants to listen. the d.a. said she in no idea that a camera would end up leaving her family with little negative reams that will live forever on the internet. since this political manipulation has been staged as a mock trial, please -- of the d.a.'s invented victim in this case how can anyone beyond a shadow of a doubt that mr. mirkarimi cannot perform the
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duties he was elected to do. don't let yourselves be a party to continued unnecessary ruining of a family and a man's reputation. you are better than that. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, honorable supervisors, president chiu. my name is -- herrera -- mission coalition, san francisco, and i'm here in support of -- mirkarimi. as i said in my communication, this is devisive controversial issue but a simple issue -- official misconduct, this is a legal thing made clear in my communication that -- specific route. the only reason you can call it official misconductq92o is you - any type of misconduct with those performed in office. that is the new standards that themselves. unfortunately there was the same person there, president hur, who
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dissented and -- him, okay. let's look at two-w-óy things. context, proportion and let's haveñ"$qw perspective. on december 31, the incident happened. a video --$eñy to -- to -- shed an agenda. on the -- that was on the 1st. on the there was am+çiñ exchange femal. she was insisting there was --g insisting that elanea call the police. she said no -- withírú family. the -- was in accordance. she say this a family+( thing. do-do hit the fan.
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-- everywhere. domestic violence is a family issue paid by -- and mothers with money from the -- opponents. now is that fair? it's shameful, it's shameful. but -- the charges both -- thank you very much. >> president chiu: thank you very much. thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon. thank you for having us here today. my name is -- ramirez a community organizer with -- committee -- united in redwood city and in san francisco. and as an outsider of san francisco, my job is always coming together with community justice with people, with community members. and i'm just afraid how this government -- ourselves as a
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numbers, how do they -- we deserve respect. we, as a community members in my united parents committee, we stand up for ross mirkarimi and we stand up for the dignity of a woman, of a family. because you know that a family is a really important part of our society. i'm a -- domestic violence and i am not here because casa dlos madres is helping me. they only want my picture once a week and then after that, raise money to get that money, and do i don't know what. we don't know what they do with that money because they only trying to get publicize themselves and get more and more money, and serve the mayor


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